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Behind the Seams: Christmas flowers dollhouse miniature quilt

One of the joys of making miniatures, no matter how long you've been doing it, there are always new ideas and techniques to try out.

Here's a 'behind the seams' peek of the making of the a festive dollhouse quilt from traditional hexagon patches.

I love a quarter inch hexie! They're small and fiddly, but they're SO cute for miniatures. I use the same hand sewing technique that is commonly used for larger hexie patterns - English Paper Piecing - but I do it on a tiny scale.

Since this kind of quilt is entirely hand sewn, it's quite a slow process. But it also means it's easy to pick up and put down (a must when working around small children!), portable (I never leave the house without a dollhouse quilt project in a tupperware) and is a great way to use up all my tiny little leftover scraps of fabric.

The other big advantage over hand sewing your miniature quilts, rather than machine sewing, is you can do it snuggled up on the sofa at night. I don't have a dedicated craft space, so that's pretty much how I make all my handsewn miniatures!

For this 1:12 quilt, I went for a flower design. The trick to making your hexies stand out is to use a three-way colour combo, in this case festive red, green and cream. That way each flower never touches another flower of the same colour, and gives a cohesive look.

English paper piecing involves making a paper template for each patch, temporarily basting the fabric around that, and once everything is sewn together removing the papers and basting threads. I go into lots more detail about this in my kits and tutorials if you fancy learning more about making your own dollhouse quilts.

a red, cream and green dollhouse miniature Christmas quilt

This 1:12 dollhouse quilt fits a single bed. It'd work on a double too, so long as you don't mind no overhang.

So how long did this dollhouse quilt take? I'd guess around 8 hours all in, but it's very much an estimate. I'm always getting interrupted by someone or something!

This dollhouse quilt is available on the LTW Miniatures webshop until it finds its forever dollhouse.

LTW Miniatures is UK based and routinely ships to the USA, Canada, Australia and beyond. If you don't see your country, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

For more 'behind the seams' sneaky peeks, all the latest news, tutorials and the odd cheeky discount, subscribe to the LTW Miniatures e-newsletter.

Have fun mini friends!


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