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Christmas miniature quilt kits are here!

I hate doing 'salesy' posts but I realised I've launched brand new Christmas mini quilt kits and not even mentioned it here. Seemed a bit daft!

There is not one but TWO Christmas mini quilt kits available in the shop, because I couldn't decide if I preferred a scrappy or regular look. You can decide which design suits your dollhouse best!

As with all my dollhouse quilt kits, included is all the fabric, templates and instructions you'll need to create your very own miniature patchwork quilt suitable for a 1:12 dollhouse. I like to make my kits as accessible as possible, so no sewing machine is necessary, although it does speed up the final steps. So long as you can do a basic whipstitch, you'll be able to make this kit.

Anyway enough talk, here are some pretty pictures! You can find all available kits in the LTW Miniatures shop.


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