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Fundraising update Spring 2022

I decided in 2021I'd try to do something positive with my miniature creations, beyond just enjoying how cute they are (and they really are)! So whenever I can, I'm trying to donate some proceeds of LTW Miniatures to various charitable causes.

March and April's charity was the Refugee Action via Work For Good, which supports people asylum seekers and refugees in the UK from all over the world, and campaigns against the UK government's horrific and inhumane immigration laws such as the Borders Bill. I was spurred on to choose this charity because the conflict in Ukraine, but in the end chose a charity who focuses on all refugees, because I couldn't help but notice that while what's happening in Ukraine is terrible, similar has been happening in the Middle East and Africa, and those people are just as deserving of basic diginity and help.

In total, I was able to raise £80.20 during March and April 22 by donating 10% of all mini sales. Thank you to everyone who helped make that happen! Even if you're not able to buy anything right now, just sharing my work online is a great help!

My next fundraiser is for Rotherham Hospice. For complete transparency, I will tell you they are also my employer, I work in the fundraising team. It's a tough job because Rotherham is not a well-off area and the people are amazing but struggling with the rising cost of living.

Rotherham Hospice provides free care and support to people and their close ones going through an end-of-life illness. They do so much more than medical care (and they do that fantastically) but they only recieve 50% of their funding via the NHS, which I find crazy! So during May and June I will be donating £2.50 of each patchwork quilt sold to Rotherham Hospice.

All my donations are done via Work for Good UK, who ensure everything is legal and above board. You can check out my fundraising efforts.

Thanks to everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal! .

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