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International shipping UPDATE!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

UPDATE! As of 26th January 2023, Royal Mail are now accepting tracked post. Hooray!

This means all miniatures purchased from the LTW Miniatures website will be sent tracked at a flat rate of £10, however many miniatures you order.

If your order comes to over £100, I'll give you FREE shipping. Just make sure you have everything you want in your basket before checking out.

I really want to thank all my wonderful customers who have shown such patience, understanding and grace during this tricky period.

Below is the original blog post, detailing the joy that was Royal Mail suspending international post for 2 weeks.

Royal Mail - the national postal service in the UK - has temporarily stopped accepting

international post due a cyber incident which happened earlier this week. You can read more about that here - it's the story right at the top of the Incident Board!

This means I am unable to post out any orders beyond the UK. I am confident none of your orders placed before 11th January were caught up in this, but it does put a spanner in the works for any international orders moving forward.

I toyed with the idea of closing to non-UK miniaturists, however since many LTW quilts are one of a kind and on 14th January I launched my first new 1:12 dollhouse quilts in 3 months, that seemd rather unfair to my wonderful international customers.

Instead, LTW Miniatures will remain open. By placing your order your miniatures will be reserved for you. I will hold off posting ALL orders outside the UK until Royal Mail confirms it is once again accepting mail. Unfortunately nobody knows exactly how long this will be, on top of the usual 1-6 weeks transit time.

International buyers - I will let you know as soon as your order has been posted, with tracking where applicable.

And if this goes on longer than expected (weeks rather than a few days), of course you are entitled to cancel you order before it is posted. I will totally understand.

I'll be honest, it's a stressful time to be a small business in the UK. I am just grateful the miniature community is so full of throughtful, understanding people!

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