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LTW Shop Drop: New minis coming soon!

The next LTW shop drop will feature several new 1:12 dollhouse quilts plus my first ever log cabin mini quilt kit!

Make sure to bookmark the LTW Miniatures webshop on Saturday 24th February, 7pm UK time.

The new 1:12 log cabin quilt kit includes all the fabrics, templates and step-by-step instructions you'll need to make your own mini masterpiece. With the right technique, you'll be impressed with what you can achieve in miniature!

This is a scrappy quilt kit, so the fabrics included are wonderfully random, meaning each quilt made will be unique.

You will need a sewing machine for this project.

LTW Miniatures dollhouse miniature log cabin quilt kit

Don't want to sew? No worries, here are just some of the 1:12 patchwork quilts in the LTW shop drop coming on 24th February, 7pm UK time. And there's more to come too!

LTW Miniatures is UK based and routinely ships to the USA, Canada, Australia and beyond. Don't see your country in the shipping options? Drop me a message and I'll see what I can do!

International shipping never costs more than £10 and if your order comes to over £100, I'll give you FREE shipping. Just make sure you have everything you want in your basket before checking out.

As always, everything is handmade and most quilts are one of a kind.

For more sneaky peeks of what's coming, sign up to the LTW e-newsletter, or follow @LTWMiniatures on Instagram.

Have fun mini friends!


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