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Making miniatures more affordable

Introducing my new range of printed quilts, based on my own miniature patchwork.

I found myself in a conundrum recently. I really want my miniatures to be as accessible to as many people as possible. Patchwork quilts look adorable in every dollhouse after all!

However a traditional patchwork quilt takes a LONG time to make. Each one of those tiny pieces is hand sewn together, and that is reflected in the price. I also think all artists and makers should be properly paid for their skill and time!

So I thought about how I could make a more affordable version of my unique patchwork quilts and came up with this printed version. The print is based on a my orginal handmade patchwork, so you'll only find it at LTW Miniatures. But of course it's much faster to make, so I can pass those savings on to you.

Now this will never replace the real deal, much like a print of the Mona Lisa never really compares to going to see the original in the Louvre! But it's a good, affordable substitute and still looks 100% cute in a dollhouse.

And of course I also made pillows, because I actually can't help myself!

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