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March Charity of the Month : MND Association

I decided 2021 was the year I'd try to do something positive with my miniature creations, beyond just enjoying how cute they are (and they really are)! So whenever I can, I'm trying to donate some proceeds of LTW Miniatures to various charitable causes.

February's charity was the Motor Neurone Diesease Association, which funds research into MND and supports those affected by this debilitating and terminal condition. My own connection is this disease took my Grandma. She was an amazing woman and this stole her voice. I truly hope MNDA can make it so that nobody else has to go through it very, very soon.

So I decided to donate 10% of all miniature sales in March. That's 10% of everything, not just the profits. I set myself the goal of £20, and I am thrilled to report that I was actually able to donate £35.50.

All my donations are done via Work for Good UK, who ensure everything is legal and above board. You can check out my fundraising efforts here.

Thanks to everyone who helped me exceed my fundraising goal! You can see my current fundraising activities here, be sure to read the shop announcement.

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