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Miniature Resources: fabric

Whether you're brand new to the wonderful world of scale miniatures, or you've been knee deep in tiny things for years, there are so many facets to this hobby that there's always something new to discover.

The Miniature Resources Series is your one stop shop to find amazing miniaturists, tutorials and more.

Today's post is all about something I get asked a lot as a mini quilter: "Where do you find fabrics suitable for miniatures?"

There are two main issues when it comes to finding fabrics suitable for miniatures:

  1. Teeny tiny small prints are of course the holy grail of mini fabric, but they're not always so easy to find!

  2. Fabric is usually sold by the metre/yard or at best quarter metre. That's a LOT of fabric if you only need a few square inches for your mini project.

Let's solve both these issues!

Wherever you are in the world, you probably have a quilting shop nearby, or at least online. And if there is, I would recommend looking for charm packs and layer cakes in the pre-cuts section. These are just quilting terms for pre-cut sets of fabric.

A charm pack is 5" squares of fabric, while a layer cake is 10" squares (also called fat eighths). This means you don't have to invest in yards of fabric that will take centuries to use in miniature. Most charm packs contain a good variety of fabrics, and they usually go very well together.

I am particularly fond of Moda's range. Every so often one comes out that works really well in miniature. Here's a link to the Moda website but I've never bought directly from Moda as they're widely stocked on both sides of the Atlantic in most patchwork fabric retailers.

The alternative to traditional quilting shops is to shop with miniature specialists. These places are a lot rarer, but they sell tiny print fabrics in smaller quantities (usually fat eighths or around 25 x 25cm), which is a perfect size for miniature projects.

Here are my top picks in no particular order.

This list is very UK-centric as that's where LTW Miniatures is based.

The Dolls House Draper has a huge range of fabrics and every kind of soft trimming you can imagine. A proper Aladdin's cave of treasure! And they ship to the USA (and beyond)!

Blue Riband have enough fabric and trimmings to keep a mini sewist happy for years. They also ship worldwide. Happy days.

Hodges Haberdashery have an amazing range of tiny print fabrics. They only ship within Great Britain. If you're ever at the York, Miniatura or MGM Shows, their stand is definitely worth a visit!

Shepherd Miniatures had some gorgeous fabrics available at the Miniatura Show in March in handy quantities (I treated myself!). I was unable to find the fabric section on their website (they're in the midst of relaunching their website it at time of writing so that could be why). Worth keeping an eye on though.

In a related note, Shepherd Miniatures have an amazing range for creating your own miniature sewing room. But that's a whole other blog post!

My final top tip is always bulk out your stash with a variety of plain and blender fabrics. They work perfectly well in miniature and are much easier to get hold of!

This blue and purple quilt is made entirely of plain and blender fabric but works well in miniature because the patchwork adds the tiny detail we crave!


Got a great mini fabric supplier recommendation to add to the list? Please contact me!


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