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Miniature Resources: Lighting

Whether you're brand new to the wonderful world of scale miniatures, or you've been knee deep in tiny things for years, there are so many facets to this hobby that there's always something new to discover.

The Miniature Resources Series is your one stop shop to find amazing miniaturists, tutorials and more.

Today's post is all about something I, like many miniaturists, find somewhat intimidating - LIGHTING! So for my own benefit, as much as for yours, I have brought together a list of miniaturists, some who make, some who teach, some who do both and can show us where to start!

Bromley Craft Products (UK) not only supply a vast array of mini-making goodies, but they have a very helpful beginner's guide to electrics. It explains the different methods (free-standing battery powered lights vs wired), their pros and cons and how to actually get started!

Little House of Lights (USA) makes and sells all kinds of amazing modern miniatures from vacuum cleaners to craft trolley supplies, but as her name implies she is especially clever at tiny battery powered lights.

Even better, Anna regularly shows us how to make our own and where to buy supplies on her Instagram page.

Anna sells a variety of miniatures, both ready made and digital cutting files on Etsy.

1:12 reproduction parrot lamp by Esther's Magic Miniatures

Esther's Magic Miniatures (India) creates the most intricate Tiffany style lampshades I have ever seen.

Esther offers kits and finished lamps (check out individual listings to see whether they come with electrics or not) from her Etsy shop, and is an official IGMA Artisan!

Check out Esther's Instagram for some incredible work in progress videos.

And finally, this one's a bit of a teaser I'm afraid!

Ray Storey is a UK based miniaturist who combined his amazing glass blowing skills with a great understanding of miniature wiring to produce some of the most gorgeous traditional hand crafted lighting you'll ever see.

Sadly for the world of miniatures, Ray recently retired (I had the pleasure of being his stall neighbour at his last show). Be quick if you spot a Ray Storey miniature for sale, you won't be disappointed!


Got a great mini lighting maker or supplier recommendation to add to the list? Please contact me!


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