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Miniature Resources: Magazines & Podcasts

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Whether you're brand new to the wonderful world of doll house scale miniatures, or you've been knee deep in tiny things for years, there are so many facets to this hobby that there's always something new to discover.

The Miniature Resources Series is your one stop shop to find amazing miniaturists, tutorials and more.

Today's post highlights some of the best dollhouse miniature magazines and podcasts around.


Shrunk - Shrunk's unique selling point is its focus on modern miniatures. Available digitally and limited print runs, Shrunk is indie-produced and UK based. Featuring artists from around the world, stories & tutorials (including one from LTW Miniatures!) and a free printable in each issue, Shrunk is a must for the modern miniaturist.

Shrunk is sadly on pause for now, but fingers crossed it returns one day!

Dolls House & Miniatures Scene - A more traditional UK based magazine, DHMS features all styles of scale miniatures from some incredible artists and amateur enthusiasts. Lots of great projects and insights, they are also the team behind the York Dolls House Fair. Available digitally and print.

Dollhouse Miniatures - US based magazine, available digitally and print, including internationally. They also offer which is exactly as the name suggests! Dollhouse Miniatures tends to focus on the fine art side of miniatures with stunning photography and features.

American Miniaturist - US based magazine, available digitally and print, sister publication to Dollhouse Miniatures, although they do run different content - American Miniaturists features more hobby miniaturists, which is not to say they're not high quality, it's more that these are inspiring projects you could actually imagine doing!

Dolls House World - UK based, available digitally and print. This is made by the same people who do Dollhouse Miniatures and American Miniaturist, but is more UK centric, ie: the projects aren't all in inches! You can also access here. is an online magazine produced by the publishers of Dolls House World along with their sister publications American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures. Being digital makes it very accessible, as well as giving you a little preview of these three popular print miniature magazines.

Dolls' House Past & Present is website with loads of online resource, including an e-magazine. You'll need to sign up as a member to join in with the forum and some aspects, but the e-magazine is accessible and free.


Podcasts are a great way to enjoy miniatures while you craft. commute, or generally get on with life. They're available for free on lots of different platforms, many of them built in to your device such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and on your internet browser. Here are some of my favourites:

My Mini Obsession Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures talks to makers and collectors about all things miniature. Rachel's enthusiasm and dedication to all things miniature is apparent and infectious and it's a joy to listen in on these little conversations!

PS, check out episode 39, featuring little old me chatting all things tiny patchwork!

Becky Gannon chats to all kinds of miniaturists, makers and curators, often focusing on the amazing stories behind miniatures. Becky follows the 'no rules' philosphy when it comes to miniatures and her interviews are as varied and colourful as her dollhouses!

Got a great magazine or podcast recommendation to add to the list? Please contact me!

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