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Miniature Resources: mini cakes & biscuits tutorials

Whether you're new to the wonderful world of scale miniatures, or you've been knee deep in tiny things for years, there are so many facets to this hobby that there's always something new to discover.

The Miniature Resources Series is your one stop shop to find amazing miniaturists, tutorials and more.

Today's post is all about making mini food, something close to my heart as that's how I got started making miniatures before I caught the tiny patchwork bug. There is such a wide range of mini food tutorials available, today we're looking at cakes and biscuits..

Most of these artists have multiple tutorials, here are a selection to get you started down the rabbit hole.

Sugar Cookies by Life In Mini

Valentine sugar cookie by Life in Mini

Cakes and slices by The Crafter (these are charms but could easily be for a dollhouse)

Chocolate cupcakes by Sweets of my own

Biscuits by Little Bits & Pieces

Cakes and tarts by Angie Scarr (whose book I first learnt from)

Confetti cake by Toni Ellison

Fig Tart by Sugar Charm Shop

Flower cakes by Rina Vellichor


Got a great mini cake tutorial recommendation to add to the list? Please contact me!

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