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Miniature Resources: mini plants tutorials

Whether you're brand new to the wonderful world of scale miniatures, or you've been knee deep in tiny things for years, there are so many facets to this hobby that there's always something new to discover.

The Miniature Resources Series is your one stop shop to find amazing miniaturists, tutorials and more.

Today's post is all about making mini plants.

Most of these artists have multiple tutorials, here are a selection to get you started down the rabbit hole.

Photo Credit: Astrid Wilk Studio

Simply Stella uses paper techniques to achieve brilliant results for her mini plants, and shows us how!

Astrid Wilk Studio has several tutorials on her Instagram detailing how to make the most exquisite tiny plants from polymer clay.

Angie Scarr uses a variety of techniques to make lots of different kinds of plants, and has several tutorials available on YouTube.

Thicket Works not only offers step-by step instructions for making beautiful tiny roses, she also provides FREE svg files for cutting out all the parts you'll need.

Juliana LePine uses cold porcelaine to make the most intricate tiny lillies. She says it'll also work for polymer clay!


Got a great mini plant tutorial recommendation to add to the list? Please contact me!

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