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Minis making a difference: Over £1000 donated to charity!

over £1000 donated to charity with a bursting thermometer to show a total has been reached

Thank you to everyone who bought from LTW Miniatures during November.

Together we raised £52.45 plus £13.11 Gift Aid for Rotherham Hospice.

This brings the 2023 charity total to £442 plus £110 in Gift Aid.

Since I started fundraising through my miniatures in 2021, together we have raised £989 plus £247 in Gift Aid for various charities, including Rotherham Hospice, the MND Association, Tommy's and Cancer Research.

That's a grand total of £1,236.25 donated to charity, which is mind-blowing to me!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who bought from LTW Miniatures, or shared my quilty makes with your mini-loving friends. It's just me doing all the making, marketing, admin and all that jazz, so your support really is amazing!

Thank you!

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Have fun mini friends!



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