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My first Miniatura and why I'm going back

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Anne-Marie of LTW Miniatures standing behind her stand of 1:12 dollhouse quilts and kits at the Miniatura Show
Photo credit: Rob Tysall, Pro Photography

Miniatura is back on 30th September -1st October 2023, and LTW Miniatures is coming back too! If you love tiny things, this UK show is not to be missed.

I have attended Miniatura as a visitor in the past, always amazed at the variety and quality of work on show, but last March I took the plunge and did my first Miniatura as an exhibitor, selling 1:12 patchwork quilts and kits. I was nervous - it was my first two day show and I was going solo (childcare issues as always!). But I needn't have been.

Miniatura may be one of the biggest scale miniature show in the UK, but as a new exhibitor I found it pretty stress-free. The organisers were very helpful, the NAEC at Stoneleigh near Coventry is easy to get to, and the facilities were just what I needed for a smooth show.

Also a big shout-out to my fellow exhibitors who were lovely, made sure I was well looked after and full of encouragement. That's miniaturists for you!

Here a few perks you'll find at Miniatura, whether you're visiting or exhibiting:

  • Easy and ample parking - man do I hate parallel parking, no such issues here!

  • Free shuttle bus from Coventry train station for visitors

  • Different scales - yes there's a lot of my beloved 1:12, but I also saw 1:24, 1:48 and 1:44, plus tons of miniature supplies for sale.

  • Workshops and demos - I was a bit sad I couldn't do any as I was manning my stand. If you plan your day/weekend better than I did, they're well worth a look.

  • Display houses - the finished projects on show were mind-blowing.

  • Expertise galore - every exhibitor is an expert in their field and can advise on your mini query. I should have brought a notepad!

  • On-site café

  • Nearby hotels - I didn't use them because I live quite locally, but many exhibitors and visitors do.

Just be aware there is no cash machine on site. Most exhibitors (myself included) take card payments, but it's something to prepare for if you'd rather use cash.

I will be back for the Autumn Miniatura with my unique, handmade patchwork quilts and kits. It's been fantastic to meet so many amazing miniaturists and collectors face-to-face. There's nothing quite like admiring the intricacies and scale of a piece of work in person, and of course adding to my own collection when I get the chance!

If you're lucky enough to get tickets (book in advance here as it came super close to selling out last time), please come and say hello to me on the LTW Miniatures stand.

To never miss a thing, sign up to the LTW E-Newsletter here. No spam, just mini joy straight into your inbox a couple of times a month. Plus all new sign-ups get 10% off their next purchase online from LTW Miniatures.

Have fun mini friends!


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