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New minis coming soon to LTW Miniatures

There will be several new 1:12 quilts, cushions and even a kit coming to the LTW Miniatures webshop on 26th April, 7pm UK time.

This update has a distinctive red, white and blue feel to it (with a few exceptions because I can never stick to one look!). Perfect for dollhouses celebrating certain national occasions (apparently there's a coronation on), or if you just happen to like this classic colour combo.

International orders will be sent tracked with shipping costing a flat rate of £10 and if your order comes to over £100, I'll give you FREE shipping. Just make sure you have everything you want in your basket before checking out.

As always, everything is handmade and for most quilts I've only made one.

I do have some leftover fabrics, so can reproduce one of two of these designs. If your favourite sells out quickly, it's always worth sending me a message to see if I can make another.

For more behind the seams sneaky peeks of what's coming, follow @LTWMiniatures on Instagram.

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