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New online shop launched

I think it's traditional to make a big deal of launching a new website, which I have totally failed to do!

Just so you know, you can now get your 1:12 dollhouse patchwork directly from me in the shop!

There are a couple of exceptions. Due to complicated post brexit rules I'm not currently shipping to the EU. You can still buy from me, but you'll need to go to my Etsy shop. If there's something on the website you love but can't find on Etsy, please contact me and I'll set you up a custom Etsy listing.

You'll also only find my digital download tutorials in the Etsy shop.

I will be adding more and more handmade patchwork quilts to the website in the coming days and eventually this will become the main place to find LTW Miniatures quilts. Thanks for sticking with me!

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