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Perfection In Miniature Awards 2023

I've been keeping a little secret...

I entered the Perfection In Miniature Awards (PIMA for short) this year for the very first time.

This is my entry: Zigzag Dreams.

a 12th scale patchwork dollhouse quilt in turquoise

I decided to really test myself and go as small and fiddly with the patchwork as possible. Those tiny central squares on each block are about 1/8" of an inch. I used a combination of machine sewing and hand sewing to achieve the highest level of precision I could.

All in this quilt and cushion include 403 individual patches.

a one inch scale patchwork dollhouse cushion in turquoise

I didn't have any expectations of winning - and spoiler alert I didn't! It was just a total honour to even be invited to submit a piece and have my work displayed alongside such amazing artisans.

The PIMA 2023 winners are:

1st place - Nicola Mascall & Masters Miniatures

2nd place - Tobacco & Regrets

3rd place - Petite Fleur

Zigzag dreams will be available to buy from LTW Miniatures just as soon as I receive my entry back from the KDF show organisers.

First to know will be my mini friends who receive the LTW Miniatures e-newsletter. Not only will you get all the latest mini news, resources and find out when new 1:12 patchwork goodies are coming, but new subscribers get a 10% off coupon.


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