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Several best-loved 1:12 quilt kits from LTW Miniatures to be discontinued

Making a tiny patchwork quilt is one of life's biggest (and tiniest) joys. It's slow but soothing as patch, by patch your tiny quilt grows in your hands. It really is the perfect crafty activity to enjoy on a long winter evening, snuggled up on the sofa - or even lounging on a beach - if you're lucky!

And at the end of it, you're left with a beautiful, unique miniature quilt for your dollhouse. What could be better?

So I created LTW mini quilt kits so that more people could discover this quiet little pleasure. And there have been a few different kits over the past couple of years - something suit every dollhouse.

If I could wave my magic wand, I would keep stock of every colour combination of miniature quilt kit ever produced at LTW Miniatures, but unfortunately I don't have a ton of space, and it's difficult to source the exact same fabric over and over. So several of my best-loved 1:12 quilt kits are down to the last few EVER, and I don't plan on making more.

Here are some of the quilt kits getting discontinued. Check out the mini quilt section of the LTW Miniature website to see the full range.

All LTW Miniature mini quilt kits include full instructions, fabric and templates and because they're handsewn, you don't need a sewing machine (although that speeds up the last steps).

And remember, it's not a race. Miniatures made with love take time, and this project will keep your hands busy for a while. But I promise the results will be worth it.

If you've already made your LTW kit, I'd love to see your creations! Tag me @ltwminiatures on Instagram. Happy making!

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