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Top makes of 2020

I made a lot of miniature patchwork quilts this year. Here are a couple of highlights!

2020 wasn't just about viruses. Nope, there was much more going on. The Black Lives Matter Movement rightly highlighted the systemic racism that exists in this world. I have really tried to educate myself but it's easy to feel utterly hopeless and unable to help. So I made this quilt and donated all the proceeds to the Okra Project, a charity which supports trans people of colour. I chose this cause because I feel trans people get a particularly shocking deal from large swathes of society. Check out life expectancies for trans people if you don't believe me. I was so relieved when this sold quickly and I was able to make my donation!

One of my aims for 2021 is to contribute financially to more charities through the sale of my miniatures. I just need to do some research and decide which groups to support.

Dark and scrappy

It's no secret I love a scrappy quilt. These are such great stash busters and one of my favourite ways to patchwork. I love experimenting with combining colours. I stuck to a dark pallette for this one and I love how it turned out. As a former teenage goth who still loved colour, this really appealed to me. I like to imagine it in a cool, witchy dollhouse!

Diamonds are forever

Hexagons will always be my go-to shape for patchwork, but it's fun to experiment with other forms sometimes. This was one of those glorious, no plan, piece as you go kind of quilts. I had very limited amounts of most of this fabric, so just played around until I got shapes and contrasts I was happy with.

Forget-me-not quilt

I love this miniature quilt because it reminds me of my mum. Her favourite colour is blue and she loves forget-me-nots. There's nothing much more to it, sometimes we can just enjoy things because they are pretty!

We wish you a Hexie Christmas

Working with festive fabric always puts me in a jolly mood. I tend to dip in and out of making Christmas miniatures all year around but this might be my favourite festive mini I made this year - during the height of summer of course. I decided to use up some of my festive scraps, without much of a plan of how this quilt would go other than the tiny tree in the centre. I was very pleased with how it turned out. So JOLLY!

I hope you had fun colllecting, making and enjoying miniatures this year. Please share your mini highlights of 2020 in the comments, I love to read these things!

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