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Welcome to LTW Miniatures

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

There's something about an object perfectly replicated in miniature that brings me joy. I've been this way as long as I can remember. Since you're reading this, I'm guessing you're the same way? Well I'm glad we found each other, welcome!

LTW Miniatures started off life about a year after I graduated university. Suddenly my evenings weren't filled with coursework and revision for the first time in my life, and the weather is too bad to venture out for at least half the year, so I rediscovered my childhood love of all things miniature.

I started off making 12th scale food from polymer clay, and stuck with that for several years. Some of my earlier creations make me cringe a bit, but I definitely got better with practice, and feel there is so much more to learn with polymer clay. This fruit bowl was one of my earlier efforts (eek) but I was much happier with my roast beef dinner!

Real life continued on but my miniatures were always in the background, keeping me sane when times get tough. But I found, once babies became a part of my world, that making miniature food just wasn't feasible. It turns out sharp tools and yummy looking choking hazards just don't mix well with children! So I reluctantly put my sculpting on hold.

Of course, I still needed to keep my hands busy (when I got the chance!) so combined my love of patchwork with my love of miniatures, and LTW Miniatures as you now see it was born. Most of my miniatures are entirely hand sewn, and the advantage of that is I don't need loads of tools, and I can pick it up and put it down quickly. Very necessary with two small children in tow!

This was my first ever miniature quilt. I dove in at the deep end with quarter inch hexies - still the smallest size patch I use, but I have learnt SO much about how to edge and finish a quilt since I made this.

As with all things, I got better with practice. I have experimented with lots of different shapes, styles and colour combos. I wouldn't say I have a favourite kind of miniature quilt - although I will always love hexagons - so you'll find an eclectic range of miniature bedding here. I prefer to think of it as something to suit every dollhouse!

In 2020 I introduced my miniature patchwork kits so my fellow miniaturists can enjoy the soothing satisfaction that comes with such slow sewing. I warn you, it's addictive!

Thanks for reading this far! Everyone who supports my handmade business, be that by buying something from me, or just sharing my stuff with your friends, you are all stars and it absolutely makes my day!


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