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This bright pink dollhouse quilt is hand sewn using lots of tiny bits of fabric. The miniature quilt measures 5.75" x 5" (14.5 x 13cm) and fits a 12th scale single bed. There is an insert in the quilt which makes it foldable so you can shape it to your dollhouse bed for a more realistic drape (miniature patchwork is very rigid otherwise). It can also work on a double bed as a topper, without any drape (see final photo).

No printed patchwork fabric here, this is the real deal. It was made exactly as I would make a real-sized patchwork quilt, just on a much smaller scale. Many hours went into making it. Two matching pillows are included and the quilt is backed with bright pink fabric.

Add a little handmade cuteness to your dollhouse with this pretty dollhouse quilt.

Bright Pink Single Quilt and Pillows for 1:12 Dollhouse

  • 1:12 scale - meaning one real life foot is 1 inch in miniature

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