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What kind of miniaturist are you?

Miniatures are an amazing way to use your imagination, learn new techniques and discover like minded people. Find out what kind of a miniaturist you are!

1. The Creative: You enjoy the artistic expression and meticulous detail involved in crafting miniature worlds. You're drawn to the challenge of making realistic miniatures or creating intricate scenes, perhaps with the help of specialised artisans.

Patience, attention to detail, and a love for learning new techniques are all qualities you value. You especially love making kits!

2. The Storyteller: For you, miniatures are a stage for your imagination. You might use them to create elaborate narratives, act out historical events, or even design your own fantasy worlds.

You have a strong sense of wonder, enjoy roleplaying, and have a knack for weaving stories into your miniature world. There are so many amazing story tellers in the miniature world. Some of my favourites are Harriet Muncaster, a published children's author who creates magical mini worlds for her wisklings, Bronte Huskinson who expertly photoshops herself into her scenes and Lauren of Southern Gothic Dollhouse (not for the squeamish).

3. The Organizer: Detail and order bring you joy. You relish the process of planning, designing, and meticulously arranging your miniatures. You might find satisfaction in creating functional systems within your dollhouses, like working lighting or miniature plumbing. Organization, problem-solving skills, and a love for order are your great strengths.

If this is you, check out Tom Brown on Instagram. His working miniatures are a delight!

4. The Historian: You are fascinated by the past and use miniatures as a way to explore different historical periods or cultures. You love to recreate famous historical scenes, design miniature versions of real buildings, or research specific historical details to incorporate into your creations.

You use miniatures to show your love of history, research skills, and an appreciation for accuracy.

I was honored to make a reproduction of Beatrix Potter's quilt for Ems at Wentworth Place. It's tricky matching real life objects but it's always so satisfying when it's finished!

5. The Social Butterfly: For you, miniatures are a way to connect with others. You enjoy sharing your creations, attending dollhouse shows and conventions, or collaborating on projects with other enthusiasts.

You have strong communication skills, enjoy being part of a community, and find joy in sharing your passion with others. If this sounds like you, I'd highly recommend listening to some miniature podcasts. My two favourites are Mad About Miniatures with Becky Gannon and

My Mini Obsession with Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures.

What kind of miniaturist are you?

You can be more than one of course. I think I'm a combo of 1 and 5. I love the creativity of the miniature world - if you can imagine it - you (or somebody!) can make it! I do also enjoy the challenge of reproducing quilts to be historically accurate, but I tend to only do that upon request.

Let me know what kind of miniaturist you are.

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Have fun mini friends!



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