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This gorgeous miniature patchwork quilt and matching pillows will add some instant cosiness to your dollhouse!


The miniature quilt measures 7.5" by 5.75" (19 x 15cm) and fits a 12th scale double bed. Two matching pillows are included.


This one drapes by having a crease ironed where the edges of the bed are. You can adjust this by re-folding and ironing to suit.

No printed patchwork fabric here - this is the real deal. This tiny log cabin was individually pieced, just like a real sized quilt. It is backed with dark blue fabric. This dollhouse quilt was made exactly as I would make a real-sized quilt, except on a much smaller scale. Many hours went into making it.

This listing is for the quilt and pillows only, the bed is for display purposes only. Please note, due to small parts this miniature is not suitable for young children.

Navy Blue Dresden Double Quilt and Pillows for 1:12 Dollhouse

  • 1:12 scale - meaning one real life foot is 1 inch in miniature

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